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The special services and benefits from Galleria.

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Special Services

Introduces the special services and benefits from Galleria.

Galleria Service Contents

  • 1. Cash counter for expectant mothers and disabled customers

    Galleria assists the expectant mothers and disabled customers with the special cash counters to provide more convenience shopping experience at Galleria.

  • 2. Umbrella services

    On rainy day, Galleria provides the umbrella service for customers’ conveniences and safety.

  • 3. Korean Cooking Class

    The famous cooking chef from Korea opens the Korean Cooking Class at Galleria from beginners to advances for non-Korean. For any inquiries, please contact to Galleria Customer Center.

  • 4. E. coli / Salmonella test

    Galleria initiates the E-coli and salmonella test to ensure the safety on every food at Galleria.

  • 5. Radiation safety test

    The radioactive self-test device has been installed at Galleria to check the safety on seafood and groceries imported from Japan.

  • 6. Daily food terminal visit
    / On site sweet level of fresh produce detection

    Galleria visits the Ontario Food Terminal every early morning to provide customers the best quality of fruits and vegetables. The refractometer (A device for the measurement of sugar content) always has been used to serve customers the sweetest fruits.

  • 7. Korean class

    Do you want to learn Korean? The free Korean classes from beginners to intermediate held by Canada Korean Education Center begins at both Galleria Thornhill and York Mills branches.

    Contact: Canada Korean Education Center 416-920-3809

  • 8. Region specialities sales

    To serve customers with a taste of home, Galleria imported various products and specialties directly from different regions of Korea.

  • 9. Events for children

    The Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest and the Kids Singing Contest has been doing every year at Galleria.

  • 10. Sharing Love

    Galleria has been doing the Share the Love event to donate to more than 10 communities and charities on every December.

  • 11. Kimchi Pumatyi

    Galleria delivers more than 1000 Kimchi from the Kimchi Pumatyi event to help local charities and organizations. Galleria makes Kimchi with community volunteers to convey and help local charity and organization in November every year.