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author Holly Ts* Date 2/28/2017
Branch York Mills Voice Type Etc.
Title Food Poisoning
Voice of Customer TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

I was having lunch with my colleague yesterday (2/27/2017) around 12:45pm at the food court of Galleria Supermarket - York Mills Store, we both ordered Pork Bone Soup with rice. When we received our meals, we found the food was not hot enough and it was just warm. Both of us thought it should be OK as the kitchen might be too busy during lunch hours. However in the afternoon, both of us got diarrhoea. When I got home after work, I even got diarrhoea for more than ten times for the whole nights until this morning. My colleague got better, he got diarrhoea just 2-3 times until midnight. This is really a terrible experiences, I will never ever order the Pork Bone Soup from the York Mills Store again.

I'm not asking for any compensation but just want to let you guys know, the management should ALERT to the kitchen, all FOODS & SOUPS must COOK or REHEAT until to the boiling point to kill the bacteria no matter how busy it is.

person in charge Galleria
answer Dear valued customer,
This is Galleria Supermarket CS team.

We give our deepest apologies for the inconvenience you had at our store.

The issue regarding your health concerns us very much. We will have training sessions to re-inform our staff to avoid other incidents. Through your proposal, we will make improvements on how our staffs are trained in the future.

On your next visit to our store, we will give you a complimentary free dish of your choice from our cafeteria menu.
We hope you continue to shop at Galleria.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and we will do everything we can to amend it.

Best Regards,