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Voice of Customer

Galleria will always be paying attention to what our customers have to say.

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3849Completedstore opening? l*2016-11-22
3848Completedmembership Yan*2016-11-21
3847Completed글이 사라졌네요. 자유*2016-11-20
3844Completed컨설팅문의 드립니다. 민*2016-11-17
3843Completed직원 불친절 Complain*2016-11-13
3842CompletedCooking Classes? Yoss*2016-11-11
3841CompletedOakville location? Hell*2016-11-06
3840Completed주차장 도우미 Sunn*2016-11-05
3839Completed국산 건오미자 And*2016-10-30