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Voice of Customer

Galleria will always be paying attention to what our customers have to say.

Q&A List

3883CompletedVoice of Customer Pa*2017-01-14
3882Completed온라인배송 전화번호 변경 질문 다운타운 배*2017-01-14
3880Completed온라인주문배송 제일쿨파프 LEE WON JA*2017-01-13
3879Completed아휴... M*2017-01-13
3878Completed온라인배송 누락분 유*2017-01-12
3877Completed제주감귤 이지*2017-01-09
3876Completed전원타입 JM*2017-01-09
3875CompletedMissing ordered food. lul*2017-01-08
3874Completed냉동고등어 이상한 냄새 oxnissi*2017-01-08
3873Completed인터넷주문 토론*2017-01-07