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Voice of Customer

Galleria will always be paying attention to what our customers have to say.

Q&A List

3795CompletedOakville and Mississauga branches Wingsz*2016-08-31
3794CompletedWin a Santa Fe P Murph*2016-08-29
3793CompletedSuckling pig Ann Ha*2016-08-29
3792CompletedQuestion regarding points K.Le*2016-08-26
3791Completed온라인 주문 관련해 문의 드려요. JO*2016-08-25
3790CompletedWill I receive membership card in the mail? Mark M*2016-08-23
3789Completed온라인 쇼핑 담당자 이메일 주소 확인 YunMe*2016-08-22
3788Completedrotten fruit anni*2016-08-16
3787Completed참치 대량 구매 문의 (온라인) rucddn*2016-08-14
3786CompletedWhen does the bakery close? Eri*2016-08-13