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Internet Shopping Mall FAQ

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Galleria will always be paying attention to what our customers have to say.

FAQ Contents

  • Q1. How can I log into the Internet Shopping site.
    • Galleria’s site requires that you input both your ID and email address when logging in.
  • Q2. How can I apply for my Membership Card?
    • Membership application online is as follows.
      1. Log in using your ID and password.
      2. Choose membership card application in the login window.
      3. Review your information and select the membership card option from the menu on the left.
      4. Read the membership agreement and click “I Agree.”
      5. Click the confirm button. You are now a member.
  • Q3. I can’t find what I’m looking for.
    • If you can’t find an item online, insert a comment on your order sheet. A customer service representative will contact you and include it in your order.
  • Q4. Do you deliver to downtown Toronto?
    • Times may vary day-to-day but usually your order is packaged by 12:30 pm and picked up by the delivery company. Once the delivery has left the store, a customer service representative will contact you to let you know the approximate time of delivery.
  • Q5. What time do you deliver?
    • Times may vary day-to-day but usually your order is packaged by 12:30 pm and picked up by the delivery company. Once the delivery has left the store, a customer service representative will contact you to let you know the approximate time of delivery.
  • Q6. What if an item is missing from my delivered order?
    • If an item is missing send us an email at SHOPMASTER@GALLERIASM.COM and we will include this item on your next order or we will refund you the difference. If you cannot wait until your next order, contact us and we will arrange for it to be delivered to you at a convenient time.
  • Q7. What if I want to cancel or make changes to my order?
    • For any changes or cancellations to your order, send an email to SHOPMASTER@GALLERIASM.COM by 9 am on the day of delivery.
  • Q8. What if I get a message saying “This email ID is already in use”?
    • Use a different email ID. If you wish to change your email ID, come to the Customer Service Center and ask the customer service representative to change it. Personal information may be asked of you to correctly identify you. This is for the protection of our customers.
  • Q9. What are business hours of operation?
    • York Mills location opens 7 am to midnight every day. Thornhill location opens 24 hours every day.
  • Q10. How can I get to Galleria Supermarket?
    • York Mills Branch: 865 York Mills Road, Toronto, ON M3B 1Y6

      It’s located near York Mills Rd and Don Mills Rd
      Public Transit: take TTC Bus #95 from York Mills station and get off at Upjohn Rd bus stop right on York Mill Road, then walk to Liberty Plaza. Take TTC Bus #25 at Don Mills station and get off at York Mills Rd bus stop. Walk towards the south to Galleria.

      Thornhill Branch : 7040 Yonge Street, Thornhill, ON L4J 1V7

      It’s located near Yonge St and Steels Rd.
      Public Transit: Take TTC Bus #60, #53,or #97 from Finch Station and get off at Steeles Avenue bus stop. Walk to the northwest corner of the intersection.
  • Q11. Can I purchase Korean medicine at Galleria?
    • Customers are able to purchase Korean medicine in health food corner at both locations. Thornhill location also has a pharmacy. And pharmacists are available there to discuss about customers’ need.
  • Q12. What time is last order for Mom’s Chicken?
    • Customers are able to preorder Mom’s Chicken every day by 7:30pm at Customer Service Centre over the phone or in person.
  • Q13. What time does daily sale start?
    • Seafood items are on sale after 7pm and cafeteria foods are on sale after 7:30pm every day.
  • Q14. When do I have to order catering, what are foods available, how much are they?
    • Preorder catering food requires 3 days in advance. Food item list and price can be found on Galleria website or please call Customer service centre to ask.
  • Q15. How can I do online shopping?
    • Go to Galleria online shopping mall website and register your ID & Password by following simple steps. Customers click the items and put the items into your online shopping cart and confirm your order by selecting the delivery date.
  • Q16. Can I send a parcel to Korea at Galleria?
    • Customers can send a parcel and a letter to Korea at lower cost at Galleria. Go to Galleria Customer Service Centre for your delivery needs. The price range depends on the package’s weight and size.
  • Q17. How can I find a phone number of the vendors at Galleria?
    • Call Customer Service Centre for vendors’ phone numbers. Our staff will help you to reach them.
  • Q18. What is benefit to have Galleria membership card?
    • Customers collect Galleria membership points when shopping at Galleria Supermarket if they register and have a customer membership card. Customers can redeem the points for free items.
  • Q19. How can I use Galleria membership points?
    • Customers can receive the redeemed items based on their accrued points. Please refer to Galleria website or call Customer Service Centre for more details.
  • Q20. Can I get discount with Galleria membership points?
    • Galleria membership points can be redeemed for certain gifts. It doesn’t apply for discount.